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Southern Pinnacle Beef

Our Steaks and Lamb come from the Great Southern ‘Pinnacle’ Range, where the cattle are raised 100% on grass in a stress free environment, with maximum free range rotation across different pastures, resulting in tender beef and the right amount of natural marbling. The ‘Pinnacle’ range, inspired by the lofty heights of the Great Dividing Range, represents the best of the best with a marble score of 3+.

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The Melbourne menu is deliberately simple and compact, punctuated with Great Southern “Pinnacle” Wagyu beef, Skull Island prawns and Humpty Doo Barramundi, from the kitchen overseen by Executive Chef Nicholas Lecordier
With a focus high quality steaks alongside other modern Australian cuisine, The Ettamogah Grill and Alehouse celebrates native flavours through a simple but refined menu, alongside a selection of craft beers and handpicked wines.

Restaurant Dining

Monday to Wednesday 12pm to 9pm

Thursday to Saturday 12pm to 10pm

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